Hull Colour Options

Custom and standard hull colours & gennaker options

Unlike other boats which are only available in white or grey, Wētā has always provided striking colours that reflect the fun of Wētā ownership and allow you to customise and personalise the boat  – Standard Colours are White, Grey, Blue, Orange and Yellow. Download the colour selector guide here

Custom Colours
A new supplier of gelcoat pigment has allowed Wētā to offer almost any colour based on a RAL code reference or sample,  including scanning a photo.  Please bear in mind that the match may not be 100% due to differences in the colour reference systems. Dark colours such as black or fluorescent colours are not available or recommended because they fade quickly from the effect of UV.
See below for RAL colour charts.

Non-standard colours are an additional cost (currently $1500) and require a deposit in advance. It is possible to mix standard colours (e.g. different coloured amas from the main hull) without additional charge. Contact Wētā Sydney for more information.