New Foam Core Weta Complete

From $22,490.00

New Foam Core Weta Complete ready to sail including mainsail, jib, gennaker and trolley.

Boat Colour Selection
Select from the standard colour range: White, Grey, Blue, Orange or Yellow
Mainsail Selection
North Sails Weta Mainsail Options: Standard 8.3 SqM Mainsail is ideal for lighter sailors, beginners and strong winds. SquareTop 9.3 SqM is ideal for heavier sailors, light winds up to 25 knots and sailing with crew. Dacron 8.3 SqM sail is better for resort use and long term durability in high UV locations.
Jib Selection
North Sails Weta Jib Options: Standard Jib is ideal for most fully able sailors or when sailing with crew. The Self Tacking Jib Kit is ideal for solo sailors and anyone with reduced mobility. The Dacron Furling Jib Kit is ideal when sailing in very gusty locations, with children or if you need to rapidly depower.
Gennaker Selection
North Sails Weta Gennaker Colour Options
Optional: Twin Tiller Extension Kit
The Twin Tiller Extension kit makes it easy to tack or gybe as it leaves your hands free for handling ropes and crossing the boat. All you do is drop the active extension and pick up the inactive one as you cross. The shockcord and ring system included prevents the inactive extension from dragging in the water but still allows freedom of movement.
Optional: Boat Cover
Optional Boat Cover - Standard Waterproof cover or High UV Resistant soft cover.
Optional: Carbon Main Hull Bow Protector
Custom carbon hull protector prevents damage to the leading edge of the bow from the trailer or obstructions in the water.
Optional: Carbon Float Bow Protectors (2)
Protect the sharp bow of your Weta floats with a custom carbon cap which prevents damage in the event of a collision with a boat, dock or rock.
Optional: WheelEEZ® low pressure balloon beach wheels kit
WheelEEZ® low pressure balloon wheels make it easy to roll heavy loads over soft sand and challenging terrain. The central bearing reduces the load requires to move the the boat on soft sand or mud while the ballon wheels prevent it from digging in. Kit includes 2x tyres and wheels as well as extension for the trolley axle.


New foam core Weta ready to sail with White, Grey, Blue, Yellow or Orange hull and floats
Includes custom trolley with standard 8″ beach wheels,  8.3SqM pin-head mainsail, standard jib, standard gennaker.
Choice of gennaker colour:  Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Orange, Hot Pink, Lilac  (other colours may be available for a limited time)
Gennaker colour, Standard Grey Mylar or White Dacron Mainsail
9.3SqM Square Top Mainsail (Better for winds up to 25 knots and sailing 2-up)
Self-tacking jib kit (White or to match hull colour if ordered with boat)
Twin Tiller Extension Kit (additional tiller and retention shock-cord system)
Boat Cover (Standard Waterproof or High UV Resistant)
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