New Boats

Unlike other dinghies, the Weta is the boat everyone can use  – in any conditions – all in the one compact, easy package:

  • Take it out for a blast on your own and enjoy the speed
  • Appreciate the stability when taking out family and friends for fun
  • Depower by removing the gennaker to make it safe for kids or adults to learn to sail

The Weta is the “all fun, no-drama” boat – the stability of a trimaran means its really hard to capsize but easy to right in minutes if you do.

The Weta comes with everything you need to go sailing – three North sails, colour-coded ropes, custom aluminium launching trolley, sail bags, carbon tiller and Ronstan extension, carbon foils and custom foil bag. A custom boat cover, suitable for outdoor use, is an optional extra and a custom road trailer, built to Australian standards, is available too.

Choose your boat options
Choose between the Standard 8.3M² sail (ideal for beginners and strong winds) or the Australian Weta Class Racing standard SQ Square-Top  9.3M² sail (ideal for lighter winds under 10 knots and useable up to 25 knots) – or have both sails and always have the correct sail for the conditions. There’s also a Dacron sail set for resort or hire use and a furling Dacron jib for instant depowering if required.

Weta Sailing Options – now even more versatile!

•    Foam core Weta and SQ – this is a great choice if you are a racer and want a boost in performance especially in mixed fleets.
•    Foam core Weta and Standard 8.3 main – perfect for the lighter weight sailors or those with reduced mobility. The foam core Weta is a joy to trail and launch with its lighter weight hull.
•    Foam core Weta and smaller 6.5 main – perfect for mum or the kids who are lighter weight and want to play in the breeze with unmatchable stability. Great for racers in high wind with full control.
•    Standard Weta with standard 8.3 main – if you are an explorer or rock hopper then this non-foam cored boat can certainly take a pounding hitting the beaches. Complete the setup with a furling jib for easy sail management.
•    Standard Weta with Dacron main – this is your perfect sailing school or hire boat. Learn the basics quickly. Simple, safe and plenty of fun.

Weta hull colours are light grey, white, blue, orange or yellow and they are normally available from stock in Australia but any custom colour is available for a 25% deposit and 3 month lead time.

The new North 8.3 and 9.3 SQ sails are supplied with Weta blue batten pockets. Gennakers are available in red, yellow, black and blue/green.

 Compact design

Fast and easy setup

One class design

The Weta packs down to the footprint of a Laser on a custom fit, lightweight beach trolley.

Lightweight and simple, rig and launch by yourself in 20 minutes.

Weta has an active strong base of racing fleets across the world.

Speed when you need it

Sails for every wind strength

Senior and disabled-friendly – no fitness fanatics required

The furling genneker is the Weta’s secret weapon: Unfurl it for downwind speed up to 20 knots but quickly furl it for control in the gusts – or use it in light winds as a “Code Zero” so you keep moving when other boats are stationery.

Redesigned by Norths in 2017, the bi-radial cut mainsails provide manageable high performance in all conditions.
The Standard 8.3 Sail is great for beginners or strong winds. The SQ 9.3 Sail gives more speed in light winds and effortless power up to 20 knots.


In most dinghies you quickly get tired when the wind gets up,  but the Weta is comfortable to sail in nearly all conditions, whatever your ability or mobility.

It has been approved for the Paralympics and World Masters Games and has completed marathon events over 300 miles (650 Kms).


While any flat-bed trailer will suffice, Weta Sydney can provide a lightweight platform trailer with aluminium ramps which is a proven combination against road impacts. More details here.

There are over 1200 Wetas worldwide and around 100 in Australia. Many are listed on the Weta World Map below – if you want your details included, contact