Boat Cover Options

NOTE:  Due to production problems caused by Covid, Weta covers are currently unavailable. In the meantime, we recommend using a Speedboat cover, such as 4-4.6 Metre one supplied by Whitworths (Cat.No: 14276)
Standard Cover
The standard cover is polyester with a PVC backing which makes it heavy but it is watertight. The expected life is about 3 years in high UV when the PVC goes hard and the polyester breaks down.  
They are not breathable and hence can get moldy. Colour fades as the yarn is not impregnated with dye.  It is however a very good economic entry cover which can last quite a long time in some environments. Just avoid leaving it in damp conditions or under fruit-trees that attract birds or bats!
High UV Resistant Cover
High UV Boat Cover
The High UV Resistant cover has better UV protection, is lighter in weight, softer, non-fading which will have over twice the life of the standard cover.  You are more likely to use this more manageable cover.  It also has longer sides which keep the sun off the gelcoat even at low angles.
It is however water-resistant not waterproof.  It will stay dry in light rain but in heavy rain will drip through but will dry out to prevent mold. To preserve gelcoat colour and condition good UV protection is essential. Water does not damage the gelcoat.
The breathable UV cover will have double the life and give greater protection to your Wētā – especially if you are leaving it outside with no shade.

Mast Up Covers

While it only takes about 20 minutes to rig a Wētā (as long as you don’t get distracted), some people have the luxury of being able to store their boat with the mast up.

If you’re going to keep your boat fully rigged then you’ll need a cover to protect the tramps from UV.  There are a few manufacturers around the world although most sail/boat cover makers could probably make one up.

This is the UK version which is made by Rain and Sun
They have a version in PVC or Hydralite fabric

It fits well but it does use loads of straps which need to be clipped together to put it on. This does mean it won’t blow off in a hurry but it can be a little time consuming. 


It can be modified to have deeper sides for an additional £60 (recommended).

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Kinder Industries in Rhode Island have made a mast up cover using a Polyester fabric called Top Gun designed for outdoor storage when the boat is completely rigged and assembled. However, I note that the cover doesn’t cover the hull sides and part of the ama is uncovered so not ideal for high UV locations.